An evening of lightning talks! - April 2017

We're inviting everyone to stand up this month and give their own lightning talk. It can be about anything to do with web or app development that you'd like to share, or something you found that you thought was interesting - or maybe something you just want to know more about. Send us a tweet and let us know what you'd like to talk about and we'll add you to this list.

  • Ben Cable: Dank Tools: The merits of re-inventing the wheel

    An oft repeated phrase in computing is "Don't re-invent the wheel". This is largely good advice, but sometimes, going against the grain can be fun, and beneficial!

  • Michael Craddock: WordPress with Docker and Bedrock

    A quick run through on how Michael set up a Docker development environment using the Bedrock boilerplate for local Wordpress development

  • Richard Baker: Mysql

    Wierdness and some tips

  • Simon Lewis: Exceptions


  • Chris Sherry: Design Pattern Blankety-Blank

    A fun game to introduce software programming design patterns and their usages

Talks may not be in this order!

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