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Chat-Ops for Fun & Profit -July2014

All Hail Our 'Bot Masters (or chat-ops for fun & profit)

As developers we spend the majority of our time on writing code for our products, clients, employers, open source projects etc, but how much extra stuff do we 'hack' together time and time again for those 1-off tasks that just aren't 1-off

We have been experimenting with a concept from Github known as Chat-Ops in which you tie your services into a chat client (HipChat, Campfire, Slack, IRC) and have a 'bot running with a variety of commands that can make your life easier, through notifications from Github pull requests, new issues, or server monitoring alerts, or even asking the bot to do deploys, check the server status, parse the logs (or retrieve images of ceiling cat)

This talk introduces hubot and some of the things we've been doing with it.